Ian Burn in the Burn's Finsbury Park flat, London; [left] "Re-ordered Painting No. 2"; [right] "Yellow Blue Equivalence", postcard of Frank Stella's "Bam", 1966; 1966-67

Ian Burn et al. is a long research query focusing on the legacy of Ian Burn, and the work of his network of peers. A series of public events, publications and writing follows:

  1. Two Slideshows
  2. Art & Working Life slide-kit, UMS
  3. Art & Working Life Panel Discussion
  4. Adrian Piper: "Ian Burn's Conceptualism"
  5. Other Than Art's Sake
  6. Benison Kilby: "Deskilling and Post-Fordist Forms of Work in Ian Burn's 'Systematically Altered Photographs', 1968"

In celebration of republishing Adrian Piper's essay "Ian Burn's Conceptualism" we are screening:

Other Than Art's Sake (1974), Peter Kennedy 
40 min, 16mm converted to DVD.

From the perspective of eight artists, the film simply asks how the social purposes of art can be rethought. It features interviews with Adrian Piper, Hans Haacke, Ian Breakwell, David Medalla, Steve Willats, Charles Simonds, The Woman's Building: Judy Chicago and Arlene Raven.


5.30pm 5th June, 2019
*Film at 6pm sharp
Public Office
225 Queensberry Street, Carlton